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Pursuant the “Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares” (hereinafter, the “Law”), its rules and dispositions, NH INFRAESTRUCTRA, S.A.P.I. DE C.V. (hereinafter, “NEUTRAL HOST”) with registered offices at Calle Jiménez 409, Colonia Centro, Monterrey, Nuevo León, C.P. 64000, informs you, through this privacy notice (hereinafter, the “Privacy Notice”), that it is responsible for the proper treatment, use, and protection of your personal data and shall make its best effort to avoid damage, loss, destruction, theft, misplacement, alterations or unauthorized treatment of them.

1.1. Responsability

NEUTRAL HOST, through the person appointed in section 1.10 of this Privacy Notice, shall be responsible for collecting your personal data, the use given to them, and their protection, as well as complying with the stipulations of this Privacy Notice and with the Law.

NEUTRAL HOST informs you that your personal data shall be treated in accordance with the principles of legality, quality, consent, information, purpose, loyalty, proportionality, and responsibility established in the Law. 


By providing with your personal data through any of the means mentioned in section 1.4 of this Privacy Notice, you grant your consent for NEUTRAL HOST to compile and use that data only for the purposes described in section 1.3 of this Privacy Notice.

1.2 Personal Data to Be Collected

For the purposes of the contractual agreement signed with you, "NEUTRAL HOST" shall request the following personal data: (i) full name, (ii) gender, (iii) address, (iv) age and birth date, (v) marital status, (vi) taxpayer ID (RFC for its acronym in Spanish), (vii) Unique Population Registry Code (CURP for its acronym in Spanish), (viii) bank information, (ix) commercial activity, (x) contact information (telephone number, cellphone number, email address).

1.3. Purpose of Personal Data 

a) For the purposes of the existing contractual agreement:

     (i) To comply with the obligations contracted by NEUTRAL HOST;

     (ii) To inform you of any event related to the hired services;

     (iii) To present any report requested by the applicable law.


b) For purposes other than the ones in the contractual agreement:

     (i) To include you in the company’s clients / providers / lessors list;

     (ii) To inform any third party about the existing commercial relation.

1.4. Collection of Personal Data

To comply with the purposes described in the preceding section, NEUTRAL HOST may collect your personal information in different forms: (i) directly or (ii) through other sources permitted by the Law.

1.5. Transfer of Data 

The personal data may be transferred and treated in and out of Mexico by NEUTRAL HOST or a different person. Your failure to oppose the transfer of your personal data shall be considered as consent for our doing so. NEUTRAL HOST undertakes to perform any transfer within the terms established in this Privacy Notice and in the Law.

1.6. Access, Correction or cancellation of Personal Data

At any time, you may correct or update your information, oppose to the treatment given to your personal data, or revoke your consent in order to keep NEUTRAL HOST from using them. However, NEUTRAL HOST is not forced to comply with the above as per the stipulations of articles 26 and 34 of the Law. 


To revoke the consent you have given to NEUTRAL HOST in regards to personal data, you must send an email to NEUTRAL HOST Department Responsible for Personal Data, in compliance with section 1.10 of this document. The email must have (i) the full name of the owner of the personal data; (ii) street address and email address to receive the corresponding response to the request; (iii) the reason for your request; (iv) the arguments supporting your request or petition; (v) an official ID; and (vi) the date at which your consent revocation becomes effective. NEUTRAL HOST will then inform you in a deadline of 20 (twenty) business days at most, starting on the date when your request was received.


To obtain access to any personal information or to revoke your consent given to NEUTRAL HOST, you must comply with all the requirements stipulated in this Privacy Notice and in the Law.

1.7. Term

NEUTRAL HOST may use all your personal data for the duration of the existing contractual agreement and the legal deadlines required by the applicable laws.


The obligation for confidentiality of all the parties taking part in the use of personal data shall continue to exist even after their relation with NEUTRAL HOST has been terminated.

1.8. Modifications to the Privacy Notice

NEUTRAL HOST reserves the right to modify this Privacy Notice at any time, without any previous notice or responsibility. Should the Privacy Notice be modified in any way, NEUTRAL HOST has the obligation to provide you with the new Privacy Notice by means of the channels normally used with you and through its website.

The collection, use, and transmission of information done by NEUTRAL HOST regarding your personal data shall be governed by the then Privacy Notice in force.

1.9. Security

NEUTRAL HOST is committed to keep personal data safe, using strict administrative, technical, and physical security measures implemented with the purpose to protect personal data against damage, destruction, alteration, loss or their unauthorized use, access, and treatment.


Only NEUTRAL HOST authorized personnel shall have access to personal data. Authorized personnel is forbidden from allowing access to unauthorized people and using personal data for purposes other than those described in this clause.

1.10. Responsible for Personal Data

NEUTRAL HOST appoints the Department Responsible for Personal Data to be responsible for the treatment of your personal data within the company. You may contact said department at, by phone at (81) 1969 6670, or directly at the address included in this Privacy Notice.


By signing this document, I grant my consent and authorize NH INFRAESTRUCTRA, S.A.P.I. DE C.V. to treat my personal data in compliance with its Privacy Notice.

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